2013 Photos

Andrew King & “Engibear’s Dream”

Mark Carthew & Mike Spoor sing, tell jokes & draw

Tanya Batt – the ultimate storyteller

Leila Rudge teaching kids to draw

Alison Lloyd – Stranger than Fiction

Leonie Norrington – Writing North

Meredith Costain – Launch of “My First Day at School”

Sarah Davis – Someone Else’s Story

Breakfast with Sue Whiting & Helen Chamberlin

The Inside Story & The Perfect Pitch

Gala Dinner – The Venue

Gala Dinner – The Party People

Gala Dinner – The Band

Gala Dinner – “Herman & Rosie” Placemats

Gala Dinner – Fun Times

Gala Dinner – 10 years celebration

Meredith Costain – writing narrative nonfiction with students

Meg McKinlay & Leila Rudge – from words to pictures


Mark Carthew & Mike Spoor – Author Illustrator Collaboration

Alison Lester – Addicted to Antarctica

Margaret Hamilton – Falling Forward – a life in children’s books

Illustration Conference – Illustrators Panel

Alison Lester – Easy Art Workshop

Gus Gordon – “Herman & Rosie” – a tale on many levels

Kim Michelle Toft’s Festival Workshop Space

Sounds Spooky Exhibition by Sarah Davis

“The Tuckshop Kid” – a play

Alison Lester at Ipswich

Leonie Norrington at Ipswich

Alison Lloyd & Carole Wilkinson

Martin Chatterton at Woodlands

Deb Abela at Woodlands

Brian Falkner at Woodlands

Frances Watts at Esk

Cartoon Dave a.k.a. Dave Hackett at Esk

A Night with Andy Griffiths & Writing and Drawing Competition Winners

Sarah Davis – Illustrator Extraordinaire

Geoffrey McSkimming & Sue-Anne Webster

The Opening Ceremony

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Exhibition

Shaun Tan’s “The Lost Thing” Exhibition

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