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A lot of Books – Festival Bookshop in Ipswich


Do you want, or need, to know where to buy your festival books in Ipswich City?  Visit A lot of Books (what a brilliant and apt name) who are located outside the Civic Centre entrance.  They have books from all your favourite authors and illustrators so you won’t miss out.


Their speciality is in children’s literature, manga and the War Hammer series.  When not helping children find their ‘must-have’ books at StoryArts, they are located at:

Shop 617 Ipswich City Square

Harvey Norman Arcade

Ipswich City Mall

20 Nicholas Street


07 32818382

I also interviewed Amy who works for A lot of Books and asked her about why she thinks Children Literature Festivals are so important.  She had this to say, “the number one reason of course is because we want to sell a lot of books, pun intended.  But I really think if kids read they’re never bored.  It’s also a great way to showcase Aussie authors and Aussie illustrators”.

Good on you Amy, I hope you get to sell a lot of books 😉

To find out more about A lot of Books, check out their website HERE