Steampunk costume ideas for the 2017 Dinner

by Tyrion Perkins

Now, you don’t have to come in costume to the dinner at Story Arts, but the theme is Steampunk – so how can you resist?

I couldn’t so I’ve done a bit of looking into what to wear, and I thought I’d share some of my finds with you.


Hire or buy:

Costume shops – my Google search only found a couple of outfits, but you might find something in person if you know a shop. (Photos from Camelot Costumes).Camelot costumes

Vintage Revival – a Lifeline shop at Annerley has a Steampunk section – one in women’s and one in men’s. Women’s has skirts, shirts, vests/bustiers, jackets. Here are some of my photos, including men’s hats and a vest. Most are $20-25. 468 Ipswich Rd.mde

Make your own:

Patterns – Only for mad keen sewers, as it is only a few weeks away. Simplicity have a range of patterns (both women’s and men’s). Search their site or I can email a list of my favourites if you like. Be aware the longer women’s skirts can be 6-9 m or material, corsets need boning, and with accessories, it can add up in price. Simplicity steampunk patterns

Simplicity patterns

Mask/Goggles workshop

There is a workshop at Ipswich on Saturday 26 August 9.30am-1.30pm on making them. $55 including materials. Contact Rosalie at Ipswich Library 3810-6815 to see if it is still possible to book.

Mask workshop

Accessories – Spotlight have a number of Steampunk accessories in their beads section – chains, open watches, packets of cogs, mini bottles, etc. accessories


A Google image search will find lots to inspire. Just Google “how to make a steampunk hat” to find a fellow who does video tutorials. (The first hat in the photos) He sells the patterns for his various steampunk hats and accessories like goggles online:


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