Veiled Secrets – Book Launch – Archie Fusillo and Josie Montano

Saturday 12th September, 2015

Archie Fusillo and Josie Montano launched their YA novel, Veiled Secrets, at the Story Arts Festival Ipswich last Saturday.

SAFI Josie

Josie Montano

Archie and Josie’s collaboration on this novel started at the Story Arts Festival Ipswich several years ago. They talked about how the similarities in their lives, including growing up as children of Italian migrants, shaped their literary relationship culminating in Veiled Secrets.

SAFI Archie

Archie Fusillo

Two teens from different sides of the country collide on the other side of the world in a little Italian village. Cynical and mistrusting of their heritage, Nick and Lia are thrust into a foreign world of their ancestors by a chance decision. Unknown to each other they set out on a long journey back to the ‘old country’ to appease their respective grandparents, only to find themselves involved in a mystery that could tear their individual families apart. Somewhere in the not too recent past, a misguided moment of youthful naivety threatened to crumble the hopes and aspirations of more than just the people involved. Now, with hindsight, and in an effort to know the truth before it’s too late, Nick and Lia have to put aside their differences and put right the many past wrongs as they uncover a family secret that bonds them for life. In the process do they reveal their own hidden secrets?

SAFI Veiled Secrets

Archie and Josie’s alter-egos, including Nonna, made an appearance at the festival at the Story Arts dinner that night.

SAFI Josie and Archie

Josie and Archie at the Story Arts Festival.

Yvonne Mes, Author of Meet Sidney Nolan and Oliver’s Grumbles


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