The School Magazine – Alan Edwards – Adult Program

Saturday 12th September

One Hundred Years of the School Magazine

SAFI Alan School Mag

Senior Editor Alan Edwards

The School Magazine is the oldest running children’s magazine in the world. With four different magazines coming out ten times a year, The School Magazine has a print run of around 150 000 magazines a month!

This fabulous magazine is loved by children and teachers alike.
Senior editor Alan Edwards took everyone on a trip down memory lane, from the start of the magazine during WWI, though the Great Depression, from two colours in 1986 to four colours in 1999 and the launch of the website in 2012.

We looked at some of the editors, authors and illustrators who have contributed over the years combining well-known names with emerging authors and illustrators.

School Mag contributors Sheryl Gwyther

Oliver Phommavanh, Sheryl Gwyther, Sophie Masson, Alan Edwards, Janeen Brian & Yvonne Mes These authors listening to this session all had stories published in the magazine.

The School Magazine aligns with the Australian Curriculum and is relevant across the states and publishes a wide variety of stories, genres, and topics as long as it has literary merit.

The School Magazine will stay print based and is not looking at becoming digital. A anthology with the best stories over the last 100 years will be released for the Centenary next year.SAFI Mag Yvonne Mes, Author of Meet Sidney Nolan and Oliver’s Grumbles


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