Terrible Lizards – A Dinosaurs, Dragons and Crocodiles Party

SAFI Dino 4

Janeen Brian with some of her Dinosaurs

The Ipswich Civic Centre had some strange visitors on Thursday night. There was roaring and stomping and growling. Was it the opening night of Jurassic Park?

No, it was a Dinosaur, Dragon and Crocodiles Party with the authors and illustrators of many of Australia’s best loved reptilian children’s books reading their books, or showing how they created their illustrations. And everyone could join in!


Megan Daley and the fabulous line up of authors and illustrators

Tony Flowers illustrator of Saurus Street and Billy is a Dragon doing portraits of some of the children.

SAFI Dino 7

Tony Flowers and his amazing portraits

Andrew Plant is the illustrator of many dinosaur books including The Little Dinosaur, he brought a real fossil!

SAFI Dino 9

It is a dragon or a dinosaur? No, it is Andrew Plant!

Ann James and Janeen Brian are the author and illustrator of I’m a Dirty Dinosaur and I’m a Hungry Dinosaur. They stomped about, Janeen read their books, and Ann splashed mud and cake batter everywhere! Luckily the children could join in with sprinkles and chocolates.

SAFI Dino 6

Janeen Brian knows how to read a story!


I’m a Hungry Dinosaur activity with Ann James.

Nina Rycroft and Peter Taylor are the author and illustrator of Once a Creepy Crocodile. All the creepy crocodile characters were there in the form of puppets and some lucky guests left with a Creepy Crocodile artwork.


Nina Rycroft created many a crocodile

SAFI Dino 5

Peter Taylor read his story with the help of his puppets.

Lachlan Creagh is the illustrator of manyy dinosaur books including Dinosaur Rocks and the Dinosaur Hunter books. He drew a gigantic dinosaur on a huge piece of paper on the floor which everyone helped colour and add their own drawings to.

SAFI Dino 3

Lachlan Creagh brought great activities


Marc McBride is the illustrator of many dragons including those for the Deltora Quest series. He gave an amazing spray paint demonstration with a dragon appearing right before everyone’s eyes.


Marc McBride in action

And did you spot those famous cupcakes by organiser extraordinaire, Megan Daley? You didn’t? Sorry. I must have eaten them all. Oops.

SAFI Dino2

Nina Rycroft, Marc McBride and Janeen Brian. Croc, Dragon and Dino creators.

SAFI Dino1

There they are!

Yvonne Mes, Author of Meet Sidney Nolan and Oliver’s Grumbles http://www.yvonnemes.com


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