Richard Tulloch – School Program – September 9 2015

“That was beautiful,” responded one girl to Richard Tulloch playing the violin. He told the group how he used it to make money to travel around Australia years ago, and how some clowns taught him a few circus tricks.


I hadn’t expected a violin in the workshop lead by the playwrite and author, but he has also been an actor and is an expert storyteller. He got the very young audience to suggest various things that could squash a cockroach, then recounted the story of “Cocky Colin” and his extraordinary misadventure – let’s just say it involved Sumo wrestlers. We all did his special cockroach actions.


He also put on a red nose and acted out another of his books, “Mr Biffy’s battle”, the story of two clowns who compete to win an audience and unwittingly create a double act.


Richard has written over sixty children’s books and numerous scripts for children’s TV series, including Playschool, Hoopla Doopla! and the famous Bananas in Pyjamas. He’s also written many plays for young audiences, among them Year 9 Are Animals and stage adaptations of Robin Klein’s Hating Alison Ashley, Guus Kuijer’s The Book of Everything and Andy Griffiths’ and Terry Denton’s The 13-Storey Treehouse series. Richard lives with his wife in Sydney and spends part of each year based in his home town of Amsterdam.


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