Oliver Phommavanh – School Program – September 9 2015

Oliver showed us the first ever book he wrote: “My day at the zoo.” Some of the animals were a bit hard to identify, but he was only six. Born author, you think? “No, my first ambition was to be a dinosaur!” and he ran around the room roaring with great huge claws.

Oliver 2a

Kids screamed with laughter as he used toys, funny voices, and lots of action to act out events from his childhood and family that formed the basis of his first book, “Thai-riffic”. To write it he made an “embarrometer” and today asked volunteers to rate some of their own stories.

The students at his school in Sydney spoke 45 different languages. He taught us how to say hello and goodbye in Thai and volunteers acted out some phrases for us to guess what they meant. Other craziness included the Grumpy Bear dance and his idea of being a school doctor. I’ve never seen so many enthusiastic questions at the end!



Oliver used to be a primary teacher. His books include: Thai-riffic!, Con-nerd, Thai-no-mite!, Suff happens: Ethan, and Punchlines.


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