Michael Salmon – School Program – September 10 2015

Michael Salmon told us how his quirky Bichon frise dog one day jumped on his grandson’s skateboard and went sailing down the driveway. BANG! Bobo boinged up the driveway like a young lamb. The garage door sustained a hole. This is how he came to write “Bobo My Superdog”.  He showed us the mock up book, complete with snakes, dragons, and aliens.

Michael Salmon 1

His favourite book, “The Chocolate Vampire” was nearly turned into a Hollywood movie at one stage. It remains a sweet story of a character who likes to bite only the necks of chocolate bars. Two brave students allowed Michael to draw caricatures of them as the other screamed with laughter at the picture. The kids got him back when one of them drew him. He gave out several prizes, activity books.

Michael Salmon


Michael Salmon has been entertaining young people for 32 years since joining the famous marionette troupe “THE TINTOOKIES “ (Sydney, Australia) in 1968. He had his own television show “ALEXANDER BUNYIP`S BILLABONG” on the ABC (1978-1988). He has written and illustrated 162 Children’s picture Story-books, Chapter books, Activity books & Educational titles. http://www.michaelsalmon.com.au/


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