Michael and Joe Bauer – School Program – 10th of September, 2015

SAFI Michael and Joe

When Michael was little he wanted to grow up to be a …                                              Writer! No.                                                                                                                                           A … scientist!                                                                                                                                   Nope.
An … Astronaut!                                                                                                                 Hmmm, no.


The children at this midday session had fun guessing, but what Michael really wanted to be when he was little was either a Ninja or a Samurai.

He had his own wooden sword and imagined many stories, and though he didn’t write those stories down eventually being an imaginary ninja is what led him to what he is today, an author and a great storyteller.

Michael shared some of the stories that started his book ‘Just A Dog’ based on his real dog he had when he was little.

There were some crazy dog fears shared around the group from a fear of
spoons, vacuum clears, spaghetti and even in the case of Michael’s dog of Pink Panther.

The children found out the secret behind the title of Eric Vale, Epic Fail, all the fault of a simple typo/auto-correct! But the story evolved from the title, by asking himself and imagining ‘what if this happened’ and ‘what if that happened.’

Michael is very lucky that he has a very talented son, Joe, who is not only an
illustrator but also a movie director! Joe has done the illustrations for all the Epic Vale and Derek ‘Danger’ Dale and created the awesome book
trailers. You have to check them out on their website.

SAFI Michael2SAFI Joe


Michael Gerard Bauer was born and lives in Brisbane Australia. In 2000 he resigned from his full-time position as an English/Economics teacher to pursue his dream of becoming a writer.
Recently Michael has written a series of three humorous books for younger readers: Eric Vale Epic Fail; (Bilby Award Winner 2014) Eric Vale Super Male; (CBCA Notable Book 2014) and Eric Vale Off the Rails (Selected as one of the 2013 GET READING 50 Books You Can’t Put Down). The books are fully illustrated by Michael’s son Joe who as well as being a talented artist is an amazing young film-maker and along with his wife Rita Artmann make up Artspear Entertainment. Joe made the trailer for Eric Vale Epic Fail.
Yvonne Mes, Author of Meet Sidney Nolan and Oliver’s Grumbles http://www.yvonnemes.com


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  1. Thanks so much Yvonne! I really love that photo of Joe at the desk. Is there copyright on it?

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