Cartooning with Terry Denton, Peter Carnavas, and Tony Flowers – September 9 2015

Cartoon AllWho better to teach us cartooning than some of the superstars of children’s book illustration? Children and parents had a ball learning something different from each.


Tony taught us how to draw a very funny stick figure, then turn it into a dragon. Two rectangles became a dog, a cow, or donkey.

Peter Carnavas

Peter used different pen colours to show how to give clues to the character and what they are doing.

Terry Denton

Terry Denton 2

Terry tricked us into drawing a rather complex perspective drawing, complete with murderous penguins.

Cartoon 3


Tony Flowers is a passionate illustrator with a love of the absurd and the silly. Tony and author Nick Falk are responsible for the ‘Saurus Street’ and the ‘Billy is a Dragon’ series. More recently the ‘Samurai vs Ninja’, series.

Peter Carnavas grew up in Queensland. As a primary school teacher, Peter probably spent too much time reading books to his class instead of teaching them fractions and other things. His books include Jessica’s Box, The Important Things, Mr Darcy the Dancing Duck, Jonathan, and My Nana is a Ninja.

Terry Denton is an author and illustrator who lives and works in Melbourne. His books are mainly funny and a bit eccentric and sometimes they are warm and gentle.  He has illustrated for many of Australia’s top writers such as Andy Griffiths and written more than 20 books himself.


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