Book Gig of Bridget by Fractal Theatre – September 9 2015

Six young actors from Fractal Theatre selected key scenes from James Maloney’s book set in the time of the potato famine in Ireland. After each scene the author gave his response and audience members could ask questions.


1 Eviction – the landlord forces out Bridget’s family. They have nowhere to go and live on the road which is too much for their beloved grandmother.

Fractal - Eviction 2

2 The workhouse – the sisters are separated from their mother. They must pick apart old ropes, and eat thin porridge. Their sister Hanna becomes ill and dies. Mother tells twelve year old Bridget to pretend to be Hanna who is old enough to go to Australia.

3 The journey to Australia – Bridget’s skill of rat catching brings her to look after a horse.

Fractal - horse

4 The journey continued – Bridget’s sister rejects her but is then framed for stealing

5 Australia – The girl’s uncle does not come to greet them and they must find work as maids.

James and cast

James thought the cast brought out the key moments and emotions of the scenes. We were all identifying with Bridget and cared about her. It affected some of the younger members of the audience so much they had questions after every scene.


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