Ann James – School Program – September 9 2015

These are some of the extraordinary creations children created using paper clay under the instruction of Ann James. They would paint them later.


She then showed them how to create a horizon line, a landscape, with a tree in silhouette, all using chalk pastels.


They could add what the liked and some made a snow landscape, others desert fields, and one a cricket pitch. The pastels turned out to be easy to use and all came away with something very good as well as unusual.

Ann James


Ann James was an art teacher and moved into designing and illustrating education publications while establishing herself as a children’s book illustrator. Ann illustrates and writes in her studio upstairs at Books Illustrated. Some of the books she has illustrated include, I’m a Dirty Dinosaur; The Penny Pollard series; the Hannah series; The Midnight Gang; Shutting the Chooks In; Little Humpty; The Way I Love You; Lucy Goosey; Sadie & Ratz, the Audrey of the Outback series and Chester and Gil.


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