Andrew Plant – School Program – September 10 2015

“Could a Tyranosaurous play table tennis?” is just one of the questions Andrew asks himself when in the shower. It is also the title of one of his books. He acted out how some of the dinosaurs might attempt various sports.

Andrew Plant 2

His most recent book came from a visit to the village of Villers-Bretonneux in France which has a memorial to the fallen soldiers who came from Australia to fight in World War I. He showed us a video using pictures from the book, and described why he included the two girls speaking in French and English. While there, he had to teach a class who did not speak in English. “Luckily I draw in French.”


He drew a series of pictures and got the children to suggest what happens after the butterfly hatches. “Something unexpected – that doesn’t use weapons.” Half the group put down their hands. He got the kids to draw their own wordless story, all starting with the same first picture, using the tips: Start with something that makes you go “huh?” or “wow!”; Do some up close, and also move right out; and keep it simple!

Andrew Plant 3


Andrew trained as a zoologist. He is now an illustrator, author, science educator, and theatre designer, director and choreographer. He loves to draw dinosaurs, but his latest book, The Poppy is about WWI.


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