James Moloney – School Program


James Moloney You want to know how to escape a crocodile’s death roll? James Moloney has the answer.

Poke it between the eyes or punch it in the nose, which is just what one of his characters in 68 Teeth did!
After this exciting start to his session at today’s StoryArts school program, James talked about where he has found some of his ideas, and in particular his character for his CBCA award winning book Swashbuckler.

Everyone had a guess where he came up with the idea for this brazen pirate character, but no one guessed that Daffy Duck was what sparked his imagination!
There were more exciting revelations when James told the children that when he was their age he wanted to be a knight. He made his own cardboard-armour, broom-lance and rubbish lid-shield. Longing to escape in his own time-machine to rescue to pretty ladies from towers was what set him on the path to become the award winning writer of over 40 books he is today.

And did you know that James answers all his fan mail? And that it was a nine year old school girl who convinced him to write the sequel to Swashbuckler, Buzzard Breath and Brains? No? Now, you do. Why not send him an email yourself!

James Moloney 2


James “Jim” Moloney has written 45 books including The Book of Lies, The Gracey Trilogy, and A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove, which won the Australian Children’s Book Council Book of the Year Award in 1997. While his books span an age range from seven- to seventeen-year-olds, he is best known for his young adult novels.
Moloney was born in Sydney but grew up in Brisbane where he still lives today with his wife, Kate. His first book, Crossfire, was published in 1992. His most recent book is Disappearing Act about a young sorcerer who travels to the small Principality of Montilagus to redeem his family’s reputation.
Yvonne Mes, Author of Meet Sidney Nolan and Oliver’s Grumbles http://www.yvonnemes.com


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