It’s a NINJA Party! With Tony Flowers, Peter Carnavas and Damon Young

    Ninja Party 4

It was a crazy Ninja party with Sumurai vs Ninja illustrator Tony Flowers and My Nana is a Ninja author Damon Young and illustrator Peter Carnarvas causing chaos in Ipswich.

nanna-ninja-coverSumurai vs Ninja

This was one fun party. In between rubber sword fights, ninja kicks and chops and the children trying to take on (or down) the world’s mightiest authors and illustrators, there was reading and drawing and cupcake eating!
Megan Daley puts on an amazing party and invites the strangest characters, just check out these pictures!

Ninja Party 9

Peter Carnavas and a Ninja Cat

Ninja Party 3 Damon Young

Damon Young sure knows how to tell a Ninja story

Ninja Party 1

Cupcakes by Megan Daley herself!

Ninja Party 8

Young ninja illustrators

Ninja Party 7

Ninja Star

Ninja Party 3

Tony Flowers and his Ninja moves

Ninja Party 5 Peter Carnarvas

Peter Carnavas, Ninja or Rockstar? And cupcake Queen Megan Daley!

Yvonne Mes, Author of Meet Sidney Nolan and Oliver’s Grumbles


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