Tony Flowers Illustration Workshop

We bring you this brilliant report from Yvonne Mes, author of soon to be released, Meet Sidney Nolan, published by Random House Australia.

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Tony had the children in stitches showing them how to draw hilarious characters. The children quickly got involved coming up with some crazy suggestions.

How about a hummingbird-monster with 10 eyes and razor sharp teeth? How about a Berry Bot (with bottom) designed and illustrated by Tony and the children?

But that was not all, anything can become a character! A balloon? No problem, here is Balloon-Man! A banana? Add a cape, draw on a mask and here is Super Banana Bee! Super Banana Bee became an instant celebrity, had his photo taken, flew across the room and was finally destroyed by Tony’s ferocious appetite and his dastardly teeth.

Tony slipped in some great tips on illustrating, from how to go from sketch to final drawing and what to call it when you draw a fast flapping wing – motion lines.

After the session it was the children’s turn. They created their own characters, superheroes and evil villains from Super Sushi and the evil Wasabi to Killer Lady Bugs.

The children were very lucky to have their books signed with an original Tony illustration, drawn on the spot.


Tony is a passionate illustrator with a love of the absurd and the silly. Tony and author Nick Falk are responsible for the ‘Saurus Street’ and the ‘Billy is a Dragon’ series, which have received positive reviews from Speech Pathology Australia and educators of early and reluctant readers. The highly illustrated and engaging illustrations help children to continue to turn pages and continue to read. Tony has filled pages with vegetable smashing tyrannosauruses; time travelling triceratops and kung-fu fighting worms. Not content with these creations, he has created armies of chickens, adventurous dragons, sneaky werewolves and dogs of all shapes and sizes. Falk and Flowers have been locked in their respective studios working on an exciting new early reader series ‘Samurai vs Ninja’, and this series will appeal to Japan-o-philes and children alike.

Yvonne Mes, Author of Meet Sidney Nolan and Oliver’s Grumbles


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