Andrew King – Ambassador for Science & Engineering to Children

I know Andrew well, we work together with Book Links – the Centre for Children’s Literature.  I know that he is an Engineer, and is not used to working with children.  But I have to say, within 1 minute of this session starting, I knew that this was not a hindrance to him in the slightest.  The kids were rapt that they would be learning about engineering and robots.

Andrew showed a photo of Engibear on Mars, the kids could almost not believe that Engibear was there, but Andrew insisted he was but had hurried home for StoryArts.  Andrew quizzed the kids about the order of the planets and 1 kids said he knew them all. He came up to the front and recited them in order correctly, what a whiz kid.


Andrew showed them a video of a rocket on land to indicate how fast it went, the kids were amazed.

At this point I realised Andrew is gifted at interacting with kids.  He is loads of fun, and the kids felt very comfortable talking to Andrew.   He had checked with the teachers to see if it was OK for the kids to yell out.  They were allowed and did not stop for the whole session.  As there were only 10 children it was not too chaotic.  Even as a fully fledged adult I really enjoyed Andrew’s session.

Andrew told the kids about how he came up with the idea for “Engibear’s Dream”.  Engibear was developed as Andrew and his young son played engineering games.  They drew pictures and wrote stories about Engibear and Bearbots.

Andrew read from “Engibear’s Dream” with the illustrations displayed on the big screen.  The kids acted out some of the scenes, and helped Andrew read some of the words.  I wish I could slot in a video to this post as the kids enjoyed it so much, my words can’t do their joy justice.

Next up was an activity drawing rockets, so the kids could rocket to outer space and “read across the universe” (which was the theme for Book Week 2013 if you did not know).  The only problem was that some of the kids wanted to draw Bearbot instead, and they told Andrew in no uncertain terms.  They all got down onto the floor to draw.Their teacher had a go too, and the kids counted down and the rocket blasted off the whiteboard.

Here are the kids proudly showing off their drawings.


Andrew talked briefly about the next book which features a bridge that looks like a dinosaur, the kids were amazed.


The kids enjoyed this session immensely.  And I have to say that I did too. Andrew really got me thinking about how I may give author presentations in the future.

To find out more about Engibear, click HERE.


One response to “Andrew King – Ambassador for Science & Engineering to Children

  1. Andrew and Engibear visited our school as well, and our kids – from Prep to year 7 – were enthralled, engaged, and inspired by his story of how Engibear came to life. He is a terrific author and he is very lucky to work with an illustrator who understands who Engibear really is. Can’t wait for the next book!

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