“Sounds Spooky” Exhibition by Sarah Davis

Located in the Ipswich Central Library, where all things book’ish should be, is an exhibition that can not be missed.

When Sarah Davis took on the task of illustrating Christopher Cheng’s book “Sounds Spooky”, she did what I have never seen before.  She constructed a 3D version of the location, a haunted house, and models of her characters, 2 of which have interchangeable heads.  These heads are on display at the exhibition.



She created dioramas of all the rooms in such intricate detail that it makes my childhood doll house look like a slum.  The attention to detail has to be seen to be believed.  Just take a look at the crockery hanging on the sideboard in the kitchen.


This exhibition must be preserved for generations of children and creators to come, such is it’s awesomeness.   Part of me wishes that Sarah had created this house big enough for someone to live in, I would move in as soon as possible.  If you have grandkids, kids, nieces & nephews, or friends’ kids you can snaffle for a few hours, make sure you take them in to the Ipswich Central Library to see this amazing, fantastic, inspiring and imaginative exhibition.


2 responses to ““Sounds Spooky” Exhibition by Sarah Davis

  1. Dropping into the Ipswich Library, I was surprised by the “Sounds Spooky” exhibition, which I think is very beautiful. I highly recommend its terrors and joys – the story comes through the pictures wonderfully, and it definitely is spooky, humorous and affecting at the same time. I loved the little ghost girl.

  2. We had Sarah visit our school for Book Week in 2012 and the kids LOVED hearing her read Sounds Spooky and learning how she created the characters! A wonderful illustrator and inspiring speaker.

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