Brian Falkner at Woodlands

As Brian prepared, Andrew Peacock tried to get into the session, squawking that it was completely unfair that he couldn’t get in the door.

Brian Falkner got the crowd pumped by playing “Gangnam Style”, high-fiving the front row, and showing images of his face photoshopped onto favourite characters such says Yoda, Shrek, Harry Potter and the Phantom of the Opera.  The kids loved it!

Brian asked the kids their ages, and proceeded to tell them that he himself had in fact been 10, the kids gasped in disbelief.  He told them he loved reading books so much that his dream at age 10 was to see his own name on books, he wanted to be an author.  Mission accomplished!  The kids shared some of their dreams which included being a forensic scientist; a dancing, singing hairdresser; and a gold medal winning horse rider.  Brian, not Brain as some kids thought, admitted that achieving dreams was difficult and took a lot of work. He introduced his book “The Flea Thing” and talked about the dreams of the main character.


Brian recounted a story about when he was writing and drinking a bottle of diet coke.  He did this thing that authors do when they are trying to get a new idea for a story.  The secret to finding story ideas, he shared, was to have a pair of story idea goggles. Brian’s story goggles are the two words “what if…..”.  He asked what if the kids’ teachers were aliens, and schools were factories run by aliens, farming kids to make Ipswich School Kids Pies?  The kids were terrified for a brief moment, gazing upon their teachers in a whole new light.  Brian also said that doing research is a very important part of being an author.  He researched Coke and found out that only three people in the whole world know the recipe for Coke, and that the three people are never allowed to travel on the same plane.  Brian wrote a book called “The Real Thing” where the three people were kidnapped.  Fizzer, the main character, was flown from Auckland as he had an amazing gift at tasting Coke.  He knew what size bottle a glass of Coke had come out of, he knew about the sugar content and an amazing array of facts that no one else in the world knew.

Authors also use their memories to come up with story ideas Brian explained.  Brian’s next book was “The Super Freak”.  He told the kids that he had a French teacher at school who was an ogre, not a real one though.  He shared a story about one lesson when he had not done his homework.  He explained how he used this experience to write the story of Jacob in “The Super Freak”.


The next book he spoke about was “The Tomorrow Code”, a book which launched Brian into a career as a full time author.  Brian brainstormed with the kids how they might translate the numbers in the code from the book, they had some quite creative ideas.

An amazing book trailer of “Brain Jack” was shown.  This is his top international best seller.  Brian explained the concept of neuro-technology which features in the book.  He showed a neuro-headset, and with a very cleverly put together slide show, postulated how we might use this technology in the future, amazing stuff, the kids’ chins were almost on the floor.

The kids saw another brilliant book trailer, this time of “Northwood”.  I will be buying this book!

The “Recon Team Angel” series was next, now how am I supposed to choose which book to buy now?!

Brian is a lively presenter who had the kids’ attention for the entire time.  I would highly recommend getting him to your school or local library.  To find more about Brian, click HERE


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