Andy Griffiths at Esk

I have never seen so many Andy Griffiths books in one place.  Hundreds of children poured into the Somerset Civic Centre, each it seemed, with the maximum number of books (3) allowed for signing.  Young fans read furiously to get a final fix of Andy Griffiths on paper before ‘the real thing’ arrived.  Others could barely remain seated, almost exploding with anticipation.  Their teachers and librarians resigned themselves to the fact that they had no hope of keeping the hoards quiet.


Andy arrived and got straight down to business. He promised to give the kids ways to annoy their parents, their brothers and sisters, and their teachers.  A cheer erupted on this last point.  Andy then thought it would be fair to give the teachers ways to annoy their students, a cacophony of boo’s erupted from the crowd.  Together with Andy, the kids came up with the best ideas to annoy others.  There were some pretty good ideas put out there, and Andy encouraged them fully.  I’m not sure how his enthusiasm went down with any parents present though ;).

Andy explained that some people complain about the crazy silly stuff that happens in his books, he said, “The beauty of a book is that you can have anything happen.”  Thank goodness he knows that I reckon, because Andy’s books are the best collection of silly and crazy stuff I have ever read.

Andy often asks himself what is the worst thing to happen next when writing stories.  “When you have the option, you want to see a fictional character in as much trouble as possible.  You have to change things in a story to make it as good as possible.”  Words from the wise for all aspiring authors.

Andy, who must be the King of Disgusting, talked the kids though some of the things in his book, “Just Disgusting”.  Spew and poo, snot and pus, maggots and more, the kids could not get enough.

Andy fielded a lot of questions from the floor, fulfilling the dreams of the kids who probably didn’t sleep much last night, knowing they would see him today.  The kids had a number of ideas for new storeys in the Treehouse. Andy told them an idea he had for a Ninja Snail Training School.  Someone suggested a One Direction room, the crowd erupted with disgust, then Andy suggested that a mashing and pulverising room might suit One Direction.  Andy’s final tip to annoy teachers was once the teacher turns their back,  everyone in the class had to get down on their hands and knees and run around like dogs.  He then went on to say they should bite each other, lift their legs on the furniture, and sniff each other’s bottoms.


The kids in this session were in fits of giggles more often than not.  Andy also shared some disgusting concepts that had some kids cheering, and others turning a grey’ish shade of green.  The teachers and librarians went from states of disbelief, to fits of giggles, and then to downright shock at the things Andy was suggesting the kids do, say and write.  I kind of feel sorry for them, but surely they had all read at least one Andy Griffiths book.  To find out more about Andy, check out his website HERE.




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