The Very Hungry Caterpillar Exhibition

Just before the official opening of StoryArts 2013 I had the opportunity to explore The Very Hungry Caterpillar Exhibition – a quilt project by Karen Walden and accompanying children’s exhibition at Ipswich Community Gallery.  I loved it!

Karen remembers “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” as her first book from kindergarten.  Her quilts are delightful with their textured detail and accurate portrayal of the scenes from the book.   Making the mini quilts involved the use of dyed fabrics, paints, colouring pencils, crayons and a sewing machine.


          Children from local schools were invited to participate and add their art projects to the Exhibition.   The schools involved were Blair State School, Fernvale State School, Riverview State School, Karalee State School, Tarampa State School and Kruger State School.  A big thank you must go to the teachers from these schools, and a bucket load of congratulations to the children who produced some outstanding artworks.


          Fernvale State School’s work “The Hungry Caterpillar Goes to School” features a huge Caterpillar (see above) who joined the children at school.  From the photos on display, it looks like the children really enjoyed the project, even when the caterpillar made them eat green leaves.  Here is a picture of the Caterpillar getting ready for a big adventure.


          It was a pleasure to see all the schools’ and students’ contributions to the Exhibition.  I implore you to go along and view Karen’s quilts and the student’s works.  It is especially great to see children’s artwork on display as this happens so rarely in galleries that are usually reserved for adults’ artworks.  Seeing the children show their artworks to family and friends was an absolute delight, and testament to the value of including local children in this stunning Exhibition.




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