Shaun Tan’s “The Lost Thing” Exhibition


          Located in the delightful Children’s Gallery at Ipswich Art Gallery is a comprehensive Exhibition featuring work from Shaun Tan’s book, “The Lost Thing”.  First draft sketches appear alongside original completed art work, an absolute treat for established Shaun Tan fans, and an inviting introduction for those who have yet to be converted.


           An example of what is on offer is Shaun’s first drawing of The Boy, showing the extent to which Shaun goes to in the development of his characters.


          The short film for “The Lost Thing”, which won Shaun an Academy Award in 2011, is on show at the Exhibition too.  It is an enchanting addition to the journey  of “The Lost Thing” story.


          A 3D Artwork containing bottle caps mounted on a collage of sketches, which became the end pages of the book, are in the exhibition.  The bottle cap collection was inspired by Shaun Tan’s childhood hobby of collecting sea shells on the Western Australian Coast.

This Exhibition is a must see for established Shaun Tan fans, and it will be a guaranteed delight for those who have not yet discovered the ‘other worldly’ magic of Shaun Tan’s contribution to Children’s Literature.

For more information about “The Lost Thing” click HERE


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